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Charming life in Taormina...

The most fascinating and seductive Taormina awaits you at the Hotel El Jebel, a luxurious 5-star structure with exclusive suites overlooking the Bay of Naxos, a jewel of Sicilian hospitality just a stone's throw from the Cathedral of the Pearl of the Ionian Sea.
In the heart of the old town center of Taormina, the El Jebel boutique hotel offers you a romantic and unforgettable stay, in a historic luxury, 5-star hotel surrounded by the charm of an enchanting land with a wealth of art, culture and a splendid sea.


From December 19 2015 to November 02 2016

Taormina Sicily 2016 Offer

SPECIAL OFFER: Taormina 2016!

This is the best time and the best offer to book ...

From December 19 2015 to May 02 2016

Our Special Spa Packages!

Wellness in El Jebel Hotel: Enjoy our special spa packages! We offer a wide range ...

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